Chameleon Query Interface in Polypheny-DB (Bachelor Project, Finished)


Flurina Fischer


Polypheny-DB supports a variety of query languages including SQL, CQL, openCypher, and the MongoDB query language. This allows to build applications using different query languages. It also allows to easily migrate existing applications to use Polypheny-DB. However, this migration still requires replacing the driver that handles the connection to the database system.

The idea of this project is to simplify this migration process by integrating one or multiple query interfaces in Polypheny-DB that mimic the behavior of third-party database systems like PostgreSQL, Neo4j, or MongoDB. For which database such an interface should be created and which scope it has will be decided as part of the project. It is also possible to add multiple interface with a reduced scope (e.g., support for executing queries but no meta functions).

Start / End Dates

2022/07/04 - 2022/09/02


Research Topics